Summer For Kids

Family summer holiday bargains - Summer 2023

From the start of the summer season to the end of season families with children can take advantage of particularly interesting special offers... 

Dolomiti Super Première

Ski Start offer, 4 at the price of 3 - From season start to 24.12.2022

At the beginning of the ski season you get one ski day for free if you stay in an accommodation participating in the promotion...

Dolomiti Spring Days

Ski, sun, spring with sensational prices! 18.03.2023 - end of season

From 18.03.2023 to 24.03.2023 skiers lodging 7 nights in an accommodation taking part in this special offer get one ski day for free. With an seven-day stay, on the other hand, you get 1 days on skis for free...